Scheduling FAQ

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Q: How do I schedule a session with you? I don’t see any open appointments on your calendar?
A: My weekly schedule is entirely filled  with regular clients who return for a set weekly hourly slot. My online system exists solely now for filling one-off cancellations. If you’d like to become a regular client or schedule a consultation, please send me a message via email or Instagram. On our first consultation session, we’ll talk through any questions or concerns you might have before we get started.

Q: Did you cancel some of my sessions? What upcoming appointments do I have scheduled?
A: Sometimes I will have to cancel sessions due to being out-of-town, so please check regularly and make sure to keep note of any email updates. You can log on to the Simplybook portal in order to view or cancel any upcoming sessions. If you forgot your portal password, let me know, and I can reset it for you.

Q: What if I have to cancel? Do you have a cancellation policy?
A: If you cancel less than 72 hours in advance, I charge a $40 cancellation fee. For less than 48 hours, I charge the whole session fee. Please log onto the portal and cancel if you know you’ll have to miss an upcoming session.

Q: What are your rates?
60 min =  $80 (almost all of my clients do 1-hour weekly sessions)

15 min = $40, 30 min = $60, 90 min = $130, 120 min = $180

The remaining balance after the deposit is due after the session in cash. I try to offer my services at the lowest rates I see marketed in NYC, to stay an affordable provider for transgender electrolysis—NYC and Brooklyn 

Q: How long a session should I book?
A: If you’re new to hair removal, at least an hour. Electrolysis is a precise process and takes time to see results. I only recommend someone book a 15 or 30 min appointment if they can easily count the number of hairs that need to be removed.

Q: Do you do electrolysis for bottom surgery prep, or work on the genital/anal area in general?
A: Unfortunately, I do not, but am working on finding good queer-friendly tech’s I could refer you to

Q: Can you take insurance?
A: At this time, no sorry